Co-founders of LawLancer (left-to-right) Sarah Roach and Janelle Kerrisk.

A new rule of law

We caught up with Helix Legal Group Director Janelle Kerrisk in Brisbane, Australia to chat about the start-up legal business founded by herself and Sarah Roach. The business provides traditional commercial law services, specialising in the construction and energy industries but that is where the tradition ends. Helix is turning what it means to be a law firm on its head and driving technology solutions like LawLancer for the future of law. #notanotherlawfirm

So tell us about your idea….
LawLancer brings the freelance economy to lawyers by providing summer clerks in all seasons. Lawyers need research undertaken and students need experience. LawLancer allows a legal provider of any size to connect with many students in a way that is flexible and can fit around study.

The full-service marketplace provides law firms with a cost-effective and efficient subscription-based digital solution to their legal research needs. It will allow legal businesses to work smarter and improve efficiency.

LawLancer allows students to get hands on professional development experience in different areas of the law, and provides a dynamic income source adaptable to their schedule. Students can do as much or as little paid work as they like while they study. It’s a relevant and complementary professional development opportunity to refine students’ legal skills while they complete their degrees and gain a competitive advantage when seeking graduate opportunities.

LawLancer brings the freelance economy to lawyers by providing summer clerks in all seasons.

How will the Advance Queensland Ignite Ideas funding help your idea to develop?
Funding from Advance Queensland Ignite Ideas will support the commercialisation of LawLancer. It will help us to further transform our vision into reality. Our business is in the start-up phase, we’ve only just celebrated our first birthday and the funding will provide significant momentum for LawLancer to fly.

Advance Queensland Ignite Ideas funding is essential in establishing brand recognition and consumer confidence, so we can enter the market and grow the LawLancer user base to attract additional investors with the view of launching the platform internationally.

Helix Legal is turning what it means to be a traditional law firm on its head.

Let’s say I’d like to work for your company. What do I need to know?
Firstly, welcome to the gig economy! To be a student using LawLancer you will need to undertake specific training to be on the platform. Our team will be here to guide and support you in providing the best quality work product for your lawyers. As a LawLancer you decide when to take on a brief, which means you have the freedom and flexibility work around your university commitments and take on as little or as much work as you see fit.

What are the benefits of being an entrepreneur in Queensland?
There is so much support for entrepreneurs in Queensland. We work in The Capital in Brisbane (a co-working space for entrepreneurs) and that community has been invaluable to us. The enthusiasm of working in an innovation hub has spurred us on to keep going with our ideas and push traditional boundaries. The state of the legal service industry is rapidly changing, and the local startup community is thriving — Queensland is a fantastic place to incubate ideas for the future.


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