Can’t we all just get along? App aiming to minimise rental disputes

We have a light hearted chat with Townsville based Comit co-founders and Guard My Lease developers Zane Grant and Aden Tranter about sharing beers with VCs, Queensland’s innovation and investment summit Myriad and helping landlords and tenants get along.

Zane Grant and Aden Tranter

How did the idea for Guard My Lease start — was it a lightning bolt moment or did it evolve?

We were coming off a product that didn’t end up being as successful as we wanted. We were down, but not out. We took a few weeks off, just coding random things until we were loving life again and ready to take on our next challenge.

We were throwing ideas back and forth to each other, looking for something that we could build fairly quickly since our last product was a large idea that drained us physically and mentally. One idea stood out.

When Aden signed up for a new rental he took photographs of the house to protect himself. He was trying to be that guy who is proactive but in the end he just wasted his time. He lost his phone and all his photos. It wasn’t great for him, but we came to the realisation that some tenants need help protecting themselves (Aden being one of them).

Fast forward a few iterations, and with the input from tenants and agents, we discovered that they have a common hate: Disputes at the end of a lease. So we’re building in a new feature that allows tenants and agents to collaborate to the help minimise the fights.

The Guard My Lease app

I’m moving in to a new rental, what benefits does Guard My Lease offer me?

Agents: The app allows you to capture, document and get your Entry Condition Report done faster.

Tenants: It helps you to project yourself by easily documenting any existing damage. You don’t have to worry about where the data is stored — we’ve got you covered. With our new feature it will even allow you to complete time consuming Entry Condition Reports faster.

Combine the two and Guard My Lease will help limit disputes between tenants and agents.

What has been your greatest success so far?

We both agree that meeting each other, staying committed and passionate, have been our greatest successes. Without these three elements there would be no Guard My Lease, or Comit for that matter.

What did you get out of going to Myriad?

Networking, inspiration, meeting investors and finding out tips and tricks from some of the best start-ups in Australia. It was a shame that about the weather (ex-cyclone Debbie hit Brisbane the weekend of Myriad).

What was your most enjoyable moment at Myriad?

When the Thursday afternoon was called off we decided to cold call investors from Myriad that we found via the app. We ended up at a bar with three VCs drinking beers and pitching our early stage company.

The Guard My Lease app

Can you give some advice to other people in a regional area with a start-up idea?

Location isn’t a problem as long as the users are contactable and reachable (in person is really quite important). The one downfall of being in a regional location is lack of support network. Townsville support network is growing but it is still not as large as the major cities.

What other projects are you working on?

We are finishing off some consulting jobs which help pay the bills but extreme focus is something that is required when working on a new product you wish to scale.

What is your vision for Comit?

Currently, it’s to create products that our users love — and have a good profit and loss statement.

Zane and Aden are currently looking for real estate agents to join their Pilot Program — drop them a line at


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