Collaboration lends buzz to coffee trail in Queensland

Delicious ideas are brewing on the magnificent Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. We spoke to some progressive coffee roasters who know there’s more to marketing than a nice logo.

People have long collaborated over a cup of coffee but a group of six independent coffee roasters on Queensland’s innovative Sunshine Coast took matters one step further when they collectively formed The Coffee Trail.

Flying West Coffee Roasters

The Coffee Trail provides a detailed map of around 60 cafes, which are supplied by the roasters: Montville Coffee, Pioneer Coffee Roastery, Flying West Coffee Roasters, Padre Coffee, The Colombian Coffee Company and Tim Adams Specialty Coffee.

By using The Coffee Trail map coffee connoisseurs can locate coffee from their favourite Sunshine Coast roasters in the many boutique cafes in some of Australia’s most picturesque scenery.

TIm Adams Specialty Coffee

Tim Adams, Founder of Tim Adams Specialty Coffee explains, “People have a broad range of palates and The Coffee Trail lets them make a personal coffee choice. We use and promote ethical, sustainable and traceable coffee which makes for a better industry for everyone.”

“If you don’t roast the beans right, people won’t come back for more and you impact the farmer, the roaster, the barista, the cafe everyone right through. But if you make a coffee really well, by carefully roasting high quality green beans and using fresh local milk, people say ‘wow, that’s very delicious, let’s drink some more!’”

“By using The Coffee Trail, people can taste and compare and get a point of difference from their coffee experience.”

A huge influx of southerners to the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia is given as the primary reason that coffee quality standards have risen so dramatically.

“The Sunshine Coast is a great destination and southerners have brought the high coffee standards of cities like Melbourne with them,” Tim said.

Ben and Nina West of Flying West Coffee Roasters

Flying West Coffee Roasters Founder Ben West said the area was particularly well-suited to The Coffee Trail.

“We are known for amazing healthy food and stunning beaches and by creating The Coffee Trail we are helping to make the Sunshine Coast even more attractive as a destination,” Ben said.

“The Sunny Coast is special because it has a combination of amazing roasters with stunning scenery. If we continue to grow at the rate we’re growing, we could have the best coffee trail in Australia.”


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