Fantastic Festivals and where to find them with Myriad’s Murray Galbraith

Murray Galbraith and Martin Talvari are the creative force behind @myriadlive, Brisbane’s landmark innovation festival. Before the festival kicks off we caught up with Murray to find out the story behind Myriad, what’s in it for Queensland and his fave emojis.

One of your first jobs was working the switchboard at Channel Seven. What did you learn from this experience?
1. Television and radio aren’t just mass media, they’re often people’s best friend. The reason traditional media hasn’t all disappeared yet is because millions of people feel unheard by anyone except their local news station
2. User experience is the only differentiator

Tell us the name on your first email account?

How did you meet Martin Talvari?
Ren Butler (one of our speakers this year) introduced me to him at the Slush Down Under Afterparty. I told him I never, ever wanted to run another event yet somehow he convinced me to catch up for just 10 minutes the next day… Well, the rest is history.

How did the idea for Myriad begin?
I always wanted to share my experience of attending SXSW in Austin, TX with people who wouldn’t necessarily travel around the world to hang out with complete strangers. I was also really passionate about building something that showcased the incredible diversity of opinion, talent and experience in the APAC region.

After setting up tech events in 40+ countries, Martin helped me understand that Australia’s brand was even bigger and more powerful than I thought, so we decided to team up and bring the best of the world, down under.

My favourite thing to do is reframe ideas in new ways, allowing more people to connect or understand the underlying principles and how it might affect them. Myriad believes that emerging technology events are the most efficient vehicle to achieve this, unlocking infinite value and opportunities along the way

Why Queensland for Myriad?
The deep hunger from the local community. Proximity and marketability to Asia. The extraordinary support, patience and enthusiasm shown by the Queensland Government at every stage of the process. Their focus on understanding and adopting our vision cannot be overstated.

What benefits can Myriad bring to Queensland and the Asia-Pacific region?
The biggest companies in the world are only interested in one thing: growth. As the focus of the global economy shifts towards APAC, they can either set up a new office in Asia, or the same time zone in Oceania.

With this shift comes innovation at scale, countless new job opportunities, diversity of opinion and limitless avenues for investment.

It’s also important to note the power of branding and tribalism which often accompany emerging tech events like Myriad. This is a less tangible, but potentially far more valuable benefit to Queensland which no amount of money can buy. Let’s just say the Queensland brand is doing very well in Silicon Valley right now!

What’s the state of innovation in Queensland?
There are some phenomenal stories coming out of Queensland right now, from @RedEye_Apps and @SafetyCultureHQ to the world class research of @DrMiaWoodruff

Mia Woodruff and the community development work from the team at Starts At Sixty.

But what we’re really excited about is bringing people who view Australia (and Australians) very differently to how we view ourselves. Innovation is a contact sport. You can’t win a premiership (or build a billion-dollar business) without getting a few bruises along the way.

Australians love an underdog story, and startups are professional underdogs so rather than cheering for every tall poppy’s swift demise, we need to encourage mistakes and failure because it’s the only way we’ll learn to do it better next time.

What excites you about working in Queensland?
Queensland is straight up green fields and blue skies right now. The rate of adoption up here is mind blowing. We view this as a once in a lifetime opportunity. Plus, Queenslanders are deeply proud of their state and their country and that’s exactly why we know our international guests will be made to feel so welcome

Tell us three sessions Myriad-goers shouldn’t miss.
Opening night, Indigenous innovation panel, Jon Teo’s closing keynote

Myriad ends on 31 March. How will you spend April Fools Day?
Sitting on a beach on the coast, drinking a beer and planning Myriad 2018

Show us the last four emojis used on your phone.

Myriad is a three-day technology and startup festival packed with local and international speakers, interactive technology experiences and mind blowing live entertainment. Myriad offers a world-class program of events, workshops and activities aimed at generating global connections for businesses, entrepreneurs, and investors alike.

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