Tech cricket tool works on muscle memory

If you’re batting in a game of cricket and want to avoid an LBW or you’ve often stared down the pitch at an intimidating googly, you need the unique training tool, Techshot. We chatted to Queensland’s company founder Will Prowse about his incredible training aid for cricket which works on the body’s muscle memory.

Techshot alerts the user when they do not position their body in the correct batting position.

So tell us about your idea…
Techshot is a unique training tool for cricket, specifically for batting. The product draws on the principles of resistance training to train the fundamental late striking position. The late striking position is the most efficient body position in cricket. A player that has struck the ball in this position, will hit the ball with relative ease and maximise power and timing. All high performing batsmen look to get into the late striking position as much as possible, at the point of contact with the ball. The position is very un-natural and unique to cricket, so the average batter or even the advanced player can have difficulty training their body positioning, and the late striking position can easily be forgotten without repetitive practice. Through its innovative design, Techshot alerts the user when they do not position their body in the correct position. Repetitive use can convert the late striking position to muscle memory. Techshot will also include an online training program to support users to get the most out of the product, as well as incorporate the idea into specialised training sessions for amateur cricketers.

How will the Advance Queensland Ignite Ideas funding help your idea to develop?
The Advance Queensland Ignite Ideas Fund will allow for a more direct and obstacle-free path for international commercialisation. The Fund will help reduce the unit cost price of the product by establishing more direct associations with suppliers and manufacturers, and improve manufacturing efficiencies. Lowering the unit cost will remove the barriers of entry into international, and particularly, sub-continental markets, which is the key element for international growth. The Fund will also open up international networking opportunities, help establish distribution chains and help develop an online training resource. Furthermore, the Fund will allow for demonstrations of the product in regional Queensland to help promote the product and improve the standard of cricket state-wide.

Let’s say I’d like to work for your company. What do I need to know?
Techshot is a company in its infancy, with an ambition to be a major player in the field of sports training products. As the company continues to grow there will be job opportunities in the areas of product design, supply and distribution, marketing and social media and coaching. Expressions of interest are welcome.

What are the benefits of being an entrepreneur in Queensland?
Queensland is definitely a great place for entrepreneurs, as there are so many like-minded individuals around, you just need to turn a few stones to uncover them. When I first looked to build a prototype of my idea, I had no clue where to start or where to look. After a little bit of digging and asking the right questions, I found that there was an abundance of professionals in the fields of industrial design, prototyping and supply and distribution that were more than willing to help me out. Queensland also has some great initiatives like the Mentoring For Growth Programme, that can point entrepreneurs in the right direction or validate their ideas, as well as a number of funding schemes like the Advance Queensland Ignite Ideas Fund and other support funds for young entrepreneurs. There are definitely a lot of support resources in Queensland if you are proactive and believe in your idea.


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