Tiltsta’s Bonny Morlak talks cultural fit and the joy of shopping

Tiltsta’s Bonny Morlak and company co-founder Ben Thomas operate their creative venture from Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. Advance Queensland sponsored Tiltsta to showcase its products at Myriad Festival in Brisbane. We talked to Bonny about inspirational role models and doing great work, that’s fun.

Tiltsta is such a great idea — how did it come about?

Co-founder/CTO Ben Thomas exited his last startup and used some of the money to travel Europe for a year, writing down 736 (!) business ideas. He then whittled down the list to what eventually turned into Tiltsta.

We believe that currently mobile shopping sucks and we can do better than simply making a smaller desktop version — we can do things with a phone you cannot do on a desktop — using it like a joystick to navigate video seems natural and fun. In hundreds of tests we see very strong emotional connection to the brand as a result of ‘getting involved’ rather than passively watching.

I’m a compulsive shopper and this sounds dangerous — can you reassure me?

Great question and close to our heart. Tiltsta landing pages present products you love and at a time that’s convenient. You can make better purchasing decisions because you will see the product in motion and with less choice you are more likely to feel good about your decisions. It is an optimised fun way to get exactly what you like.

Do you have a role model in your life? Who is it and why?

Tricky question. I love aspects of a few people from my dad to the Dalai Lama, however, on a business level Richard Branson is someone I look at for guidance. I’ve met him many years ago on a Virgin flight. He talked to almost everyone on the plane, wearing jeans, sweater and an $80 pair of shoes. He asked each person for feedback, pulled out his notepad and wrote stuff down. My comment on his website got implemented within a few days. That impressed me.

What type of clients do you have? Do you have an ideal?

We are very big on cultural fit — we spend so much time working and it so much easier if it is fun — getting s**t done and then having a beer together. We are very lucky working with top brands, from Spell and the Gypsy who rule social marketing to our partner The Iconic one of the leading fashion e-commerce retailers in Australia.

What are your expansion plans?

We’re part of the Austrade Landing pad program at the San Francisco RocketSpace office, working on our US proof of market.

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