Advanced Blockchain AG and go to Tokyo

The teams crossed the globe for a series of events and meetings in the home of one of the world’s largest Bitcoin markets.

Japan’s significant relevance to crypto dates as far back as 2010 when the notorious Mt. Gox exchange, based in Shibuya, Tokyo, was launched. The devastating collapse of the exchange left many Japanese with an overall negative feeling towards Bitcoin and the like. Now, three and a half years down the line the sentiment among the Japanese has changed — drastically.

Due in part to a large influx of Chinese interest, resulting from China’s recent crypto crack down, but also thanks to the country taking a pro-active, positive stance on virtual currencies, Japan is looking to spearhead the movement towards a token economy. The press have been keen to cover Japan’s rise to prominence in the crypto-sphere with articles such as ‘Japan: A Forward Thinking Bitcoin Nation’ and ‘Japan brings cryptocurrencies in from the cold’, being published by Forbes and Financial Times respectively.

Michael Geike, Robert A. Küfner, Florian Reike and Guillaume Ballet (left to right), presenting at the NYU.

With a such a deep focus on Distributed Ledger Technology and such a close alliance to the brand, it seemed fitting that the Advanced Blockchain AG team should make the fourteen hour trip to the Japanese capital. The Tokyo tour began at the NYU School of Professional Studies, where CEO Michael Geike introduced Advanced Blockchain AG to a large crowd of business consultants, investors and crypto enthusiasts. Michael explained how even though Bitcoin has been around for almost ten years (as many attending the conference knew all too well) there has never been a better time to forge a connection between today’s economy and the power of Distributed Ledger Technology.

‘This time last year the total market capitalization for all cryptocurrencies was over half a trillion dollars less than it is today. The eyes of the world have turned to DLT. The time to integrate this technology with our industries, our businesses, and our day-to-day lives has never been more ripe — Advanced Blockchain AG is all about developing, applying and nurturing that integration.’’

The event ended with possibly the longest and most lively Q&A session we’ve had on the Blockchain, Tangle & Beyond tour so far. The crowd were keen to learn more about the two companies, their value propositions and the Tangle Network, and with a panel of four Advanced Blockchain AG and team members to answer their questions, they did not leave disappointed.

The team were greatly assisted by IOTA Evangelist Network member, Norbert Gehrke during their stay in Japan. Norbert helped organize the NYU event and put the team in contact with representatives from the American Chamber of Commerce. Michael presented Advanced Blockchain AG to the American Chamber of Commerce on the second day, together with founder, Robert A. Küfner. This would be the first in a series of high profile meetings over the next couple of days, the most notable of which was with the Bank of Japan.

The team’s visit to Japan brought the Blockchain, Tangle and Beyond tour to an end for 2017. The tour began in November and took the team to three continents, spreading news of Advanced Blockchain AG and’s mission to investors, decision-makers and high profile officials all over the world. It has set the tone for what we can expect from the two companies, as we look forward to what many predict will be a pivotal year for Distributed Ledger Technology.