Michael Geike presents at Deutsches Eigenkapitalforum (EKF)

Deutsches Eigenkapitalforum is Germany’s largest private equity conference.

The Deutsches Eigenkapitalforum, or EKF, is considered to be Europe’s most important capital market event for corporate financing. The conference has been going on for over twenty years and represents a golden opportunity for entrepreneurs to inform themselves on current capital market affairs, expand their networks, and meet investors and high-ranking officials for some of Europe’s most prominent companies.

This year’s event was held at the Sheraton Frankfurt Airport Hotel & Conference Center and featured up to one thousand institutional investors and analysts engaging in a range of panel discussions, interviews, talks, presentations and 1-on-1 meetings, over the course of three intense days.

Michael Geike presented Advanced Blockchain AG on the third day to a room filled to the brim with some of Europe’s most influential decision makers, eager to learn more about the next wave in the digital age, and how Advanced Blockchain AG aims to usher it in. Michael began by clearing the air on what many in the room would have heard a lot about over recent months — Bitcoin. He explained that while the breakthroughs that Bitcoin made were significant and can’t be ignored, it was launched almost a decade ago and remains one of the simplest applications of Distributed Ledger Technology.

Michael went on to explain that while most mainstream attention is still given to Bitcoin and blockchain technology, DLT has made strides forward with truly revolutionary concepts and technologies, such as as IOTA and the Tangle Network, and that it’s this kind of innovation that will really drive the mass adoption he expects in 2018.

Advanced Blockchain CEO, Michael Geike

Advanced Blockchain AG and their team of experts are at the forefront of these exciting new developments in the crypto-world, he explained, specializing in a range of DLT services such as consultations, software design and development. The peaq project, the first token creation framework to be built on the Tangle Network, is an example of this, and is a statement of intent as to what the Advanced Blockchain AG team are capable of.

He then provided some background as to how Advanced Blockchain AG will act as a bridge to the corporate world by granting corporations access to DLT and its technological power to revolutionize operations, industries and entire markets. Michael emphasized a close collaboration with nakamo.to who represent the deep technical know-how and the community engagement required to get ahead in this fast paced-industry. In this way nakamo.to will become the other side of this bridge to the DLT world.

Aware of the palpable interest but evident skepticism many industry experts have towards DLT, Michael positioned Advanced Blockchain AG as a safe way to reap the benefits of Distributed Ledger Technology, without the notorious volatility of the crypto-markets, the complicated process of investment in cryptocurrencies and the worry of being hacked. Instead, he explained, Advanced Blockchain AG will focus on the application of Distributed Ledger Technology software as a foundational layer for companies, products, industries and entire economies in the near future.

Robert A. Küfner, founder of nakamo.to, then joined Michael on stage for a Q&A session. The pair answered various DLT related queries before tackling questions related to Advanced Blockchain’s AG business model, with one person asking if they could specify which areas and industries Advanced Blockchain AG will be focusing on. They answered by saying that they are by no means limited to one field and will take on clients from various industries. Robert and Michael were also involved in a number of 1-on-1 meetings with several big players from Europe’s corporate world.