Norbert Gehrke joins Advanced Blockchain AG

He will take on an advisory role for the Berlin based firm.

Advanced Blockchain AG are delighted to announce that Norbert Gehrke has joined the team as an Advisor. Norbert brings over twenty years experience in the financial sector, having held leadership positions and performed executive consulting roles for firms such as AIG, Goldman Sachs and Barclays Investment Bank.

“We are excited to work alongside such a seasoned professional. Norbert’s influence and experience will help us tremendously.” — Michael Geike, CEO, Advanced Blockchain AG

Norbert also shares a passion for the FinTech scene, where he enjoys exercising his extensive technological understanding to help companies apply transformative technologies. His interest in financial technology inevitably led him to Distributed Ledger Technology and the crypto scene. He is a member of the IOTA Evangelist Network and is also an Adjunct Lecturer at New York University School of Professional Studies’ Tokyo campus.

‘‘With Distributed Ledger Technology, business models will fundamentally change, and new industries will emerge. I am pleased to join a team of early adopters at Advanced Blockchain AG to help drive this innovation forward.” — Norbert Gehrke

Norbert is a valuable addition to the team. His experience as an effective builder and leader of global teams, as well as his passion for leading cross-functional initiatives will play an important role in helping Advanced Blockchain AG continue to develop and innovate at the forefront of this fast evolving industry.

Advanced Blockchain AG

Advanced Blockchain AG focuses on the design, development and deployment of Distributed Ledger Technology solutions as the underlying infrastructure for companies in a variety of industries. Advanced Blockchain AG’s team of experts also offer consultation services relating to DLT and its potential applications and benefits.

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