Presenting Advanced Blockchain AG at the Moontec Conference

From Germany to Switzerland to Estonia and on to the UK, we look back on eventful week for the Advanced Blockchain AG team.

Michael Geike and Guillaume Ballet (right) take center stage.

Just three days after presenting in Zug and Munich, Michael was on stage again at the Tallinn Creative Hub for the two-day Moontec Conference. Moontec is the largest conference in Northern Europe to focus on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, and their implementation in various industries. It therefore seemed fitting for Michael to showcase Advanced Blockchain AG’s crypto-expertise, and more interestingly — how the company will lead the way in terms of real-world implementation of this revolutionary technology.

The conference’s location in the capital of Europe’s innovative technology — Tallinn, encouraged many Northern and Eastern Europeans to attend. A large, diverse crowd, including government officials, CEOs, entrepreneurs, developers and tech-enthusiasts, were treated to some exciting pitches and presentations. Speakers from IBM, DASH and Mothership — among many other well-established firms, discussed some of the most interesting topics in tech, from AI to IoT, Blockchain, eCommerce and FinTech.

Joined by CTO, Guillaume Ballet, Michael was happy to add IOTA’s Tangle Network to the topic-list, as he explained the potential the Tangle has to drive the mass-adoption and industry disruption we’ve been expecting from blockchain and crypto. He introduced Advanced Blockchain AG and’s joint venture — the peaq project — as a portal into the token economies of the future, making it possible to tokenize virtually anything on the first token creation framework to be built on the Tangle Network.

Michael then spoke about Advanced Blockchain AG’s business model, explaining that their focus will be on analyzing the way companies work, understanding how they can take advantage of Distributed Ledger Technology, and then designing, developing and implementing the software for clients. He likened the rise of DLT to the internet in the 90s, saying that Bitcoin can be compared to e-mail — an important step by no means the focal point of the movement. Michael went on to say that Advanced Blockchain AG is set on laying the foundational layers for the truly revolutionary projects of a world connected by DLT.

A quick stop in London

Michael then travelled to London for a meetup at Regent’s College. Although presenting to a much smaller crowd, the enthusiasm towards what Advanced Blockchain AG is doing was equally tangible. He met with investors, entrepreneurs and DLT enthusiasts after the event, for what proved to be a pleasant return to the place Michael once called home.

Heading East

The Advanced Blockchain AG will now cross the globe for the next Blockchain, Tangle & Beyond event, in Tokyo, Japan — home to a thriving tech culture and a fast-growing interest in crypto.

If you’d like to sign up for the event or know someone who might, you can follow this link to register:

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