Four Applications That Exemplify the Cognitive Experience

A cognitive experience in technology simulates the human experience and builds relationships with users. I selected the following applications based on my personal experiences of seeing how each application has made an aspect of my life easier by analyzing and interacting with my input.


Facebook’s Messenger is a messaging platform that I use more than text messaging because it eliminates so many communication barriers. As a college student, I often know the names of my classmates or mutual friends, but I have no way to contact them. Messenger democratizes access to my peers by letting me send messages to them without having to ask for a number or email address.

However, Messenger does not only build relationships between users, it also builds relationships with the user. As I send specific messages to my friends such as “Would 11 on Monday work?” it suggests a “Make a Plan” button where I can start customizing a plan. Other features of the application include suggesting polls or money transactions between users after interpreting what type of message is being sent.

Facebook Messenger is now almost another person I have in every conversation. It understands what I’m trying to ask the other person and makes life easier by providing different tools to communicate even more efficiently and effectively.

Nike+ Run Club

When my father started running, I recommended him to use the Nike+ Run Club App to track his progress. Not only does the application gamify your progress and goals, it serves as “your perfect running partner.” Through personalized coaching, the runner now always has a running buddy that cheers you on along the way and tracks your progress.

When my father finishes a run, he immediately runs into our home so he can find any family member to listen to the application verbally congratulate him based off his data.

“ *Winning horn sound* Great job today! You ran 6 miles in 45 minutes and 30 seconds. This is your personal best and third run of the week! Keep up the good work!”

The Nike+ does more than just provide personalized data, it creates a trainer-trainee relationship with the runner and provides a platform of motivation. Since my father has downloaded the application, he has run over 1300 miles and has participated in three half-marathons. Nike+ does not just provide graphs on your progress. It focuses on the user experience on a run and motivates the user to always improve through personalized coaching.

Nike+ Run Club


Spotify is an application that provides users with access to over 40 million songs. While there is a vast amount of music on the platform, the user doesn’t have to search through every single one to find a new song that they like. Spotify uses an algorithm that suggests different playlists based on past songs you listened to. For an example, if I listened to Beyoncé, a women empowerment playlist will be suggested after. By taking in user’s mood and past song choices, Spotify is now the application that people open to listen to their favorite songs and explore new ones.


When I study, it’s hard to find times where my friends are available to run through notes or create flashcards for an upcoming exam. Quizlet builds a relationship with students by acting as a study partner. Quizlet provides digital flashcards with different diagrams, games, and even will read the information to you. Furthermore, it analyzes what you type into your flashcards and makes different suggestions based off of content. For an example, when I start typing H20, it immediately suggests if I want this set of flashcards to be for chemistry and asks to enable my keyboard for symbols. Likewise, it recommends me to use images when I study different subjects such as Spanish. Quizlet not only makes it more convenient to study, it provides tools based on user input to let the user study better.

Favorite Brand: Snooze an AM Eatery

Brunch isn’t just a meal, it’s an experience.

Whether it’s a reunion with my high school friends or an opportunity to hear funny stories from my friends at The University of Texas, I go to brunch to catch up with my personal communities. Snooze an AM Eatery, is a brunch chain that emphasizes community from every aspect of meal.

Long lines

No one likes to wait in lines especially when they are hungry. Yet I know that every time I go to Snooze, I will endure a wait time of 20 minutes, 60 minutes, even 120 minutes. Instead of trying to shorten their wait time, Snooze embraces it. With free coffee, games, and tourist guides of the nearby area, I know that I can still catch up with my friends even while waiting for a table. If the wait is extremely long, Snooze compensates with a free pancake of the day.


The portions of food emphasizes community. While other brunch places usually serve small portions of food, Snooze wants you to share not only your stories with your friends, but also your food. For an example, the pancake flight,is a customized plate of three pancakes which is the perfect way to add a bit of sweetness to your conversation.

Snooze was designed for people first and exemplifies every aspect of what they value: community. From a small diner in Denver to now over 30 locations around the United States, Snooze has captured my heart along with thousands of others.




A 15-week course focused on techniques for designing products powered by AI that form new relationships with users. Written by students of the Advanced Design for AI course at the University of Texas in Austin.

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