Expand Setting Toggles

When customizing the settings* for each filter, you can expand the toggles to see the level they are at and make precise adjustments. This allows you to increase or decrease any setting to an exact numeric value and customize the setting accurately.

*Click here to open a quick cheat sheet about each setting and how they modify the applied filter on your photo.

To expand the menu, tap the toggle icon on the Preview Screen (see image below) for the setting you would like to adjust.

Toggle Icon
Example Preview Screen

This will expand the setting’s spectrum — you can move the switch anywhere you like and see the exact increment, or return to the default value. In the example we’ve tapped the “Smooth” setting to see it’s range:

Example “Smooth” setting expanded spectrum

There you go! If you would like any advanced tips about other topics, or have any questions, let us know in the comments below.