Apply a Filter to a Specific Area

To create more visually-engaging photos, you can apply any filter to a certain area of the original photo and leave the background untouched — or later add a different filter to the background! ;)

Let’s take this illustration of Queen Elizabeth.

Queen E.

To make a more intesting poster, we’ll add the Colorful Triangles filter in Superphoto. However, the central figure gets obscured by applying the filter (see screenshot below). So, what you can do in these cases is select a certain area where you would like the filter to be applied exclusively.

To do this, click the image icon to the right of “Input Image” in the preview screen.

Click the small icon to the right of “Input image”

This will open a box where you can select a different image, or edit the one you’re currently working on. Tap the pencil next to “Area”.

*Pro tip: you can also crop your photo in the app by tapping on the scissors icon.

You will be shown a new screen where you can use your finger to “paint” or select the are you would like the filter to go. Anything in white will be left as in the original photo.

If you would like to correct any of the areas you’ve painted, tap the three dots at the top right to display the menu.

At the bottom left you can see a toggle that controls the Brush size. Move to the right to increase the stroke size, and to the left to make the brush smaller.

In this case we’ve chosen to leave the figure blank and the background colored…

And voilá! We’ve succesfully applied the filter to a specific area in our photo.

Here’s the final result:

Queen E. on fleek.

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