Bookmark your favorite filters

Since we’re editing-fanatics at Moonlighting, we love adding more filters regularly to our apps to keep our community having fun.

However, we know this may make it a little difficult to keep track of all the effects you have tried and loved — so here’s a way to bookmark your personal selection of favorites and pin them to the top.

Bookmark your favorite!

First, open the app on your device. In the Home menu, tap on the “More” option for the Free or Premium filters (depending on where your preferred filter is located).

Home Screen

Next, tap on the 3 vertical dots to the bottom right of your favorite filter. This will open up a menu box.

Tap on “Mark as Favorite”. This will save your filter to the top of the Home screen when you open the app.

Now you can browse all your favorite filters in one place (top of the Home Screen, under “Favorites”).

Happy editing!

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