Moonlighting FAQs

Check the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

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How can I get a refund for the app?

All our app purchases are subject to the following refund policy If you send us a refund request before the indicated two days’ notice we’ll be happy to reimburse your purchase — provided that you’re using an Android device (since Apple and Windows stores don’t allow the possibility to refund our customers, unfortunately).

If you are an Android user, the Play Store itself will allow you to request a refund to Google directly, as indicated here: “ You may request a refund within 48 hours of the transaction if something you bought isn’t working, isn’t what you expected, was bought by accident, or you changed your mind about the purchase”. Read more on Google/Android refunds here.

Do I need to be online to use the apps?

You only need to be online to download the effects the first time you use them to filter an image. This is because it’s not possible to store all our apps’ effects on your device or we would eat up all your storage space. You only need to download each effect once.

The “check licence” dialog box keeps popping up, how do I fix this?

Please try the following steps in this order, to see if we can quickly solve this:

0- Verify that your device has internet connection. 
1- Wait for a few minutes and try again. 
2- Verify that you are connected in the Play Store to the Google Account used to purchase the app. 
3- Uninstall and reinstall the app (don’t forget to backup your favorites first. It will not charge you again to reinstall.
4- Clean Google Play data: go to “Setting” “Applications” choose “Google play” and press “Clear data”.

If you keep having problems, please send us the order number sent in the email by Google at the moment of purchase to

What are the output sizes on the apps?

Size dimensions will roughly be as follows:

  • Small: 400px (either in width or height, whichever is largest)
  • Medium: 700px (width or height)
  • Large: 1200px (width or height)
  • Custom: select the exact dimensions you want the final image to have (up to the dimensions of your original photo).

Who can I contact for a marketing offer?

Please send your business development and marketing proposals to

I recently changed my device, do I have to pay again for the app?

If you have a new device - phone, tablet or desktop - and it is the same platform as your previous one (i.e. iPhone to iPhone, Android to Android etc.), you don’t need to pay again for our apps. Just go to the app store on your new device and download the app once more, at no cost. Please note that you have to be signed in to the same account you purchased the app with on your previous device.

Restore my app purchase | Android devices

Please verify that you’re signed in to the same account you purchased the app with on your other device, then search the app Store (on your new device) for the full version and tap the Install button. If you only see a Purchase button instead of the Install button, then you are not using the same account or the Store has misplaced your payment information and you will need to contact them to restore this.

If your new device is a different platform than the first one (if you change from an iPhone to an Android phone), then we unfortunately can’t sync the purchase to your new device because the app stores will not allow it.

I’ve ordered a print, where can I see the status of my shipment?

Please email for questions regarding print orders.

Can I sell/monetize my creations made with a Moonlighting app?

To avoid any copyright issues, you may only sell creations that are made with a photo you own (taken personally with your device, or with permission of the author who captured it) and that have a filter applied.

All creations that include Moonlighting graphic material (such as banners, backdrops, frames) may not be sold for profit.

Painnt | Where can I find tutorials for the app?

Click here to see tutorials on how to master Painnt app and create unique masterpieces.

Painnt | Why do I have to subscribe and can’t just pay once for the app?

We have the goal of creating the largest library of professional neural art filters, so we’re adding new effects periodically. Also, Painnt uses neural networks — a very new tech that we’re constantly improving so that it works faster and better on your device. So we need our pro users to subscribe to support our work in the long term 😊

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