Customize Filter Settings

Here’s the cheat sheet for our apps settings, so you can advance to “Jedi-master” photo editor. Adjust the following settings to explore the vast possibilities for each filter, and create more captivating (and unique!) paintings.

Note: The following are all the available settings for our filters, but keep in mind that not all will be applicable for every effect.


Change the intensity of the applied filter with this toggle. Notice how the photo on the left has a smoother overlay, whereas the one to the right has a heavier application of the same effect.


This toggle allows you to make the outlines of the shapes in your photos clearer and more defined. Move the toggle to the right to bring out the silhouettes and depth in your images. Moving it to the left will soften the edges in the photo.


The smooth setting controls will blend the figures in the photo with a softer finish (the opposite of the Sharpness toggle).


Although noise in digital photography is usually something to avoid, we’re huge fans! Adjusting the “noise” toggle will add more distortion (and visual interest) to your photo — lowering it will achieve a smoother finish.


To apply the filters to your pics, our apps have to break down the original photos into a grid to be able to process all the necessary pixels. Once each quadrant in the grid is filtered, the app puts the “puzzle” back together and overlaps the edges in order to smooth out the break from quadrant to quadrant. This produces a seamless final result.

However, if you are able to make out any lines from the quadrants in your filtered photo, you can move the “Overlap” toggle further to the right, in order to smooth over any visible guidelines.

Horizontal Offset

Moving this toggle to the right will move the center of the picture closer to the right edge of the photo. Likewise, moving it to the left will shift the center of the photo to the left of the image.

Vertical Offset

This setting behaves the same way as the former, except it will move the center of the image closer to the top (when moving the toggle to the right) or downwards (by moving it to the left).


Tile Size

Mosaic-style filters will have the option to adjust the size of the “tiles” or mosaics in the image. Increasing the size will result in a less defined image and larger tiles — whereas minimizing the size will produce a more detailed image.


This setting will control how far apart the tiles in the image will be. More spacing will result in a more abstract and less clear silhouettes.

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