Intro to SuperPhoto

Hey shutterbugs!

This is a short step-by-step to cover the basics in SuperPhoto app. Want more? Read here to get other pro tips and become an editing master.

Browse filters

Open the app and you will see our filters categorized by Free and Premium. If you already have any filters bookmarked as Favorites, they will also appear at the top of the Home screen. To find out how to bookmark your Favorite filters, click here.

You can also browse our effect library by categories. Just tap on the top left Home button to open options.

This will open the Home menu and you can browse our filters by different styles of effects (Cutouts, 3D, Combos, Bokeh, Frames, Textures, Patterns, and Brushes.)

Select a filter and apply

Once you’ve found a filter you’d like to use, tap on the thumbnail to open the Preview screen.

You will see a pop up asking you to select the source where you have stored the image you want to filter.

The options are:

  1. Gallery (your device’s camera gallery)
  2. Take a photo (this will open the device’s camera to shoot a new photo)
  3. Social networks (if you have any social networks on your device — Facebook, Instagram, etc) you may select an image from one of your profiles.

Crop your image

Before filtering your photo, you may also adjust the dimensions or crop the image.

Android: Tap the top right Crop icon.

Windows: Tap the pencil next to the Input option.

iPhone: Tap the bottom right Crop icon.

Preview filter application and adjust settings

Once you’re on the Preview screen, you can change the size of your final image (Small, Medium, Large, Custom) and modify the filter settings’ toggles to change the way the effect is applied to your image. Free app users will be able to select Small and Medium — for Large and Custom sizes, you can upgrade to SuperPhoto Full to become a Pro user.

Size dimensions will roughly be as follows:

  • Small: 400px (either in width or height, whichever is largest)
  • Medium: 700px (width or height)
  • Large: 1200px (width or height)
  • Custom: select the exact dimensions you want the final image to have (up to the dimensions of your original photo).
Click here for expanded tutorials on how the filter settings and color composition settings alter your photos. You’ll be amazed at the unique results you can achieve!
You can also apply a filter to a specific area in your image (instead of the whole photo). Learn how here.

You’re done!

Awesome! You’re done editing your masterpiece. Now you can choose to:

  • Save your artwork to your device:
  1. Android: Tap the top right Save icon.
  2. Windows: Click the top right Save icon.
  3. iOS: Tap the bottom right Save icon.
  • Use in another effect: You can choose to keep adding effects to your artwork by:
  1. Android: Tapping the top right icon next to the Save button
  2. Windows: Click the Menu button at the top left.
  3. iOS: Tapping the three dots icon next to Save.
  • Upload to Community: Submit your artwork to our Moonlighting Apps community of digital artists, see feedback from other users and get featured on our Home page! Click here to see how.
  • Print your artwork: Click here for an expanded tutorial on how to order prints of your filtered images. Choose from a variety of formats (mugs, canvases, totes, pillows and more) and display your creations in your home, or give as awesome, customized gifts!
  • Share to social media
  1. Android: Tap the Share icon next to Save (top right).
  2. Windows: Click the top left Menu for more options.
  3. iOS: Tap the Facebook or Instagram icons at the bottom of the screen.

Want us to feature a specific tutorial? Need help with one of our apps? Let us know at — we’d love to hear from you!