Refilter from the Community

Artist collaboration has been a huge field of creativity for centuries — from Picasso and Dora Maar, to Andy Warhol and Yves Saint Laurent, to Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. And our community is no exception.

When uploading your artwork to the community (from any of our apps), you can allow other users to “refilter” your finished images, add other interesting effects and co-create a new visually captivating masterpiece. Likewise, if a user has enabled the refilter permission, you may also add your own twist to the art in the community and share your version of another user’s interesting work.

Enable the community to refilter your work

Once you’ve finished editing an image, tap “Upload to the community”

This will take you to the Caption screen, where you can add a descriptive text or hashtags to your photo. You will also see the “Allow everyone to Refilter” button below the caption field.

Keep the toggle to the right and backlit with green to enable other users to import your filtered photo and add more effects. You’ll be amazed at what these collaborations can generate!

How to know if another user has enabled the refilter option?

If a photo in the community is available for refilter, you will see the following icon in solid black below the photo (next to the like, comment and share buttons).

Refilter On

Just tap the refilter icon to begin editing and co-creating!

*Pro tip: if you click the “eye” icon next to the refilter button, you will be shown a preview of the original photo the user has edited.