How to Upload your Photos to the Community

Did you know you can also share your pics with other like-minded “digital” artists in our online community? Here’s how!

1. Tap the Share Icon

Once you’ve finished editing your new masterpiece, tap the “Share” icon.

  • Android: top right share icon
  • Windows: top left menu icon
  • iPhone: bottom three-dots icon

2. Select the Community option

3. Caption and Allow Refilter

Now add a descriptive caption to your photo, and choose if other users may refilter* it.

*To learn more about allowing other users to refilter to your photos, click here.

4. Sign In or Sign Up

If you have already already created a user in our community, sign in to your profile and your photo will be uploaded. *User profiles are generated once for all our apps, so if you have a profile for Painnt, Photomontager or another Moonlighting app, you can use the same one for the rest.

If you don’t have a user yet, click “I don’t have an account” and continue with the steps to create your new profile.

Once finished, you will be able to share your first masterpiece! Also, the most stunning creations on the community will be featured on Moonlighting’s home page. Upload yours and get featured!