IoT-Blockchain Platform for Virtual Free Zones

Jonathan Bowker
Feb 1, 2021 · 2 min read

Efficiencies in warehouse and logistics companies are often hampered when static operational data from different sources are combined to plan operations and in particular for customs special procedures:

  1. Inward processing
  2. Authorised use
  3. Customs Warehouse
  4. Temporary admission
  5. Outward Processing

ChainLabs business case is the “Virtual Free Zone” project which aims to demonstrate the benefits of combining real-time data, from the Internet of Things (IoT), with Industrial Systems, and HMRC Systems in an integrated blockchain backed platform. This will not only enable up-to-date informed decisions to be made but also provide immutable proof of fiscal and regulatory compliance.

The project will build a demonstration platform — “TradeRiver”, which integrates IoT, operational and declaration data taken from logistics, warehousing and customs operations.

The demonstration Integration Platform, developed by the project, will ingest and integrate data coming from IoT-based sources (Truck Management Systems), Industrial Systems (Warehouse Management System ) and HMRC Systems (CHIEF, CDS and NSTC). The Integration Platform can serve the integrated IoT+operational +HMRC data to any member of the blockchain network via the Distributed Ledger and Blockchain.

The Virtual Free Zone project proposes to carry out several industrial studies to demonstrate the application of the Integration Platform to actual customs special procedures to validate the the reality of Virtual Free Zones.

The case studies will aim to show that IoT data can be seamlessly integrated with existing industrial and customs data for efficiency gains and demonstrate the reality of Virtual Free Zones backed by blockchain technology.

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