Looking for contributors

Have you always been passionate about science? Are you involved in some cool research project that you feel has the potential to change the world? Are you a visionary when it comes to the future of biotech? Do you have a knack for explaining complicated things in an easy and accurate fashion? Why not share your insights?

AdBioS is a science communication platform that aims to explain ground-breaking science in the field of biology, medicine, biotechnology, neuroscience and genetics not only for science enthusiasts but literally everyone. The world of science is moving at a fast pace, but the path for scientific knowledge to find foothold in common understanding is paved with barriers. We aim to break down some these barriers with insightful articles and opinions, accurate but non-technical jargon explaining research findings and why we believe everyone should know about it.

Our main goal is to empower readers and allow them to be passionate and knowledgeable about biological sciences.

You understand the pro’s and con’s of gene drives or GMOs and want to equip readers with your knowledge to have a more informed discussion?

You have some insights in neurobiology or evolution that might help people understand themselves better?

Your heart bleeds when yet another study on the safety of vaccines is getting ignored or smashed by pseudo-scientific “experts”?

You think the 21st century will be the century of biotechnology and want to educate voters and policymakers alike?

Then this might be the place for you. Your creativity, insight and authentic voice is needed to break down the barriers between science and public accessibility, reduce ignorance and enable collective and inclusive discussion. We believe that making sense out of our world is a shared endeavor for all of humankind.

Join us if you want to educate yourself or share your expert knowledge to empower others!

Update March, 2017: We are always looking for writers to participate. Additionaly, you can always pitch a draft to me via direct message, email or twitter.

You can also help us to improve by giving feedback. Your voice matters.