Structural bioinformatics

Over a year of AlphaFold 2 free to use and of the revolution it triggered in biology

Confident modeling of protein structures, prediction of their interactions with other biomolecules, and even protein design are now at everybody’s reach thanks to the revolution started by Deepmind.


Picture generated by the author from own drawings plus Dall-E-2 generations to depict some subcellular structures and highlight protein structures in magenta.

Introduction | Democratizing the use of AlphaFold 2 and new adaptations of it | What’s next | Protein language models | Pre-made databases of structural models built with these modern tools | Unexpected things that AlphaFold 2 seems to be able to do | Further reads on the topic and on broader structural biology


It all started when a private company played for the first time ever in a contest for protein structure prediction, and won it. Twice in a row, and it then released its star program in an open form for all scientists (also students, actually everybody!) to use for free. Moreover, its users don’t even need a powerful computer, because the calculation happens right on a GPU in the cloud!

We are talking about Deepmind, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) research company of the Alphabet group, owner of the most…



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