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Weijia Jiang to receive 2021 American Courage Award from Asian Americans Advancing Justice | AAJC

By Yoko Zhu

Weijia Jiang is a firecracker and an icon who deserves to be celebrated for her passionate commitment to journalism. Since the age of thirteen, she’s tackled and immersed herself in the stories she’s covered and her star has continued to rise over the last two decades of her career.

From a homemade television show in eighth grade, Weijia unearthed her drive to become a journalist. She was an intern for Channel One News in L.A. in middle school, marking one of her earliest accomplishments.

Weijia, a CBS News senior correspondent since 2015, has diligently reported on Asian American hate and violence and policy changes. In 2020, she stood with a microphone outside Gold Spa (Atlanta, GA), allowing victims’ families to grieve openly about their lost loved ones. Weijia allows Asian Americans to share their experiences in a time of an increase in hate. She tirelessly reports on relevant issues that deserve to be spotlighted to the public.

Throughout her career, she’s reported extensively on momentous political events. Weijia covers the Biden Administration, has covered both the Trump and Obama administrations, the impeachment trials, the confirmations of Judges Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, and the catastrophic Hurricane Harvey. As an anchor and reporter at WCBS-TV in 2012–2015, Weijia courageously reported on tragedies such as the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary and the Boston Marathon Bombings. Her coverage of these historical events is a testimony to her compassion in reporting.

In 2020, when President Trump began using terms such as “China virus,” Weijia pushed back on the use of this xenophobic rhetoric during press briefings while knowing the risk of unwelcome attention she might bring on herself. She continues to bring that same tenacity to her questions and reporting and stands out as an excellent representative of Asian Americans in journalism.

Weijia was born in Xiamen, China, and immigrated to West Virginia with her parents when she was two years old. Currently, she is writing a memoir titled “Other” about her life growing up in the states and her professional experiences since then as a Chinese American journalist. Weijia has been awarded the Edward Murrow Award and an Associated Press Award for feature reporting. Weijia is also an active and prominent member of Asian American Journalists Association.

Weijia is undeniably an inspirational role model for Asian American journalists who are determined to make an impact. Her drive speaks volumes to her character and passion.

Advancing Justice — AAJC is proud to recognize Weijia Jiang as the 2021 American Courage Award honoree. The American Courage Award goes to an individual, company, or organization that has shown extraordinary courage or commitment to the cause of civil rights.

Weijia Jiang will receive her honor during the American Courage Awards on Thursday, November 18, 2021. Celebrate with us online.

Yoko Zhu is a communications intern with Asian Americans Advancing Justice — AAJC.



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