EdTech Playbook: Digital Badging

The struggle is real for our school technology departments.

Your teachers have boundless tools available to supplement their chosen instructional approach. Your administrators have all the performance data and student trends they need to make better decisions. Everyone who contributes to the organization has at least one process he or she could make more efficient through automation.
And yet, it remains exceedingly difficult to get the buy-in you need to get the most out of the tech at your disposal, let alone adopt anything new or different.
Digital badging represents the happy marriage of gamification and positive behavior recognition. There’s a reason it’s looking more and more like the future of professional development is finally here. In this first edition of the EdTech Playbook series, we’ll offer up some ideas and resources to help you get your badging program off the ground.

The Playbook

Step 1: Planning
Step 2: Issuing
Step 3: Administering
Step 4: Launching

Low-Hanging Fruit

While every school district is unique, there are some universal professional development opportunities that can always use a little more attention. We’ve identified nine potential starting points for your badging program, from the classroom to the business office. Take a look.

Free Designs

If you’ve made it this far, we’d hate for you to get hung up on the design aspect of digital badges. We took the nine badges featured in the infographic above and created a downloadable graphics package for your convenience. This .zip media kit features a generic design for each badge, as well as three ranked versions for those who prefer to measure tiered proficiency benchmarks.

↪ Click here to download the free badge library.

Originally published at Advancing K12 EdTech.