Behind the Scenes

Introducing our Head of Working Capital Advisory Tobias Angehrn

How did you hear of Advanon and what made you join the company?

Before I joined Advanon, I have spent several years in banking. After finishing my part-time studies last year, I was actively looking for something where I would be more in the driver’s-seat while creating something big. I first heard about Advanon in the press and found the idea of shaking up the SME financing industry very interesting and applied for a job that wasn’t even listened at that time. Advanon gives me the perfect opportunity to combine my industry knowledge and experience with the passion to work on new ideas and try out many things.

What do you do and how does a typical day at Advanon look like?

There is no typical day at Advanon. In my role as the Head of Working Capital advisory I talk to a lot of companies and giving them advice on how to grow their business in a sustainable way while keeping their liquidity situation stable. I try to keep myself available for the customers during the typical office hours as much as possible. Besides, I am involved in a lot of projects to push our product to the next level and make it even more useful for our customers in the future.

I really enjoy that my role gives me the possibility to work very closely with clients of all kind of industries. What I realize more and more is how difficult it is actually for so many companies to get financing in traditional ways. On one side, capital rules for banks have increased a lot as a consequence of the recent banking crisis, but on the other hand there are also many big corporates who use their suppliers to optimize their own balance sheet by expanding their payment terms. Many SME’s struggle with that and I really like to see that we at Advanon can actually make a big difference for them.

What do you like most about working at Advanon?

I really enjoy the positive vibes in the office. Everybody is constantly challenging how things are done and working hard to optimize them. In such an environment, the learning curve of each and everyone of us is huge and It’s amazing to be part of such an enthusiastic team. Also, where else would you have free breakfast and a ping pong table at the office?

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