Brainance MD | Hygeia Hospital Customer Story

Hygeia Hospital, Athens

Dr. Arkadios Rousakis, Radiologist

Director, CT-MRI & Bone Densitometry Department,

Associate Director, PET / CT

Dr. Arkadios Rousakis |
“Since we started using Brainance MD, we’ve been able to save time and increase our productivity, regarding the post-processing procedure of advanced brain MRI studies. The ease of use of Brainance MD and the flexibility of access of this platform permit us to be much faster and more efficient in the management of our patients. Furthermore, by using Brainance MD we achieved to develop a deeper internal know-how on the management of such studies “

About Hygeia Hospital

  • Opened in 1970
  • 702 beds
  • 15.660 inpatient (Y 2017)
  • 160.948 outpatient (Y 2017)
  • Modern facilities
  • Quality driven organization
Hygeia Hospital | Source


  • Main brain MRI post-processing pipeline was outsourced to 3rd parties
  • Instant reporting and data interpretation was not available
  • Limited number of advanced post-processed cases due to increased outsourcing fees
  • Collaborative and remote post-processing was not available
  • Advanced Post-processing know-how was not fused internally, but was isolated to external subcontractors

Achievements since Brainance MD integration:

  • Developed internal advanced post-processing team and enhanced its know-how
  • Quick access to an advanced and all in one neuroimaging tool
  • Quick access to quantitative and qualitative brain MRI results
  • Collaborative processing from different nodes within the organization
  • Interconnection with PACS for quick data transmission and storage
  • Quick access and communication with correspondent physicians (i.e. neurosurgeons)
  • Eliminated capital expenses and reduced operating expenses via using a Software as a Service neuroimaging tool, based on the number of exams processed and user accounts used
  • Established a scalable post-processing pipeline able to address the increased demand for brain MRI exams

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