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One of the harder aspects of photography is capturing genuine moments when people know they are about to be photographed. You need some trust before they will loosen up and forget about the camera.

Or you could just sneak around behind them.

The pictures in this post mean a lot to me. They span 5 years, feature 30 friends and 13 strangers, and they were all taken on one of my film cameras.

2010, Moscow Idaho.
Alissa and Sam, Summer 2011, San Luis Obispo. We are on our way to hike Bishop Peak.
Reno and Alyssa, Hong Kong, 2014.
Kassi, Matt, Nick, Kirsten. October 2012, Boise Idaho. District III Marching band competition.
Savanna and Mattson, December 2010, McCall Idaho.
Kaitlin, July 2011, Moscow Idaho.
Kassi, July 4th 2013, Table Rock in Boise Idaho.
Bethany (center), September 2010, Moscow Idaho.
January 2012. Coit Tower in San Francisco
Marji, March 2013, Cotonou Benin.
Fred and Ollie, July 2011, Payette Idaho. Visiting my hometown all the way from England.
Helen, July 2014, Bogota Colombia.
2011, Moscow Idaho, University of Idaho ROTC member blacked out from standing at attention.
2011, Moscow Idaho. Medium format Tri-x 400 film pushed 2.5 stops, turned out excellent.
Mattea and Kelcie, 2012?, Moscow Idaho.
Caitlin, Summer 2013, Stanley Idaho. Stopping to look at the Sawtooths
Steph and Ray, Fall 2014, Marin Headlands.
Unknown cyclist, Summer 2011, Stanford Campus. Wandering around Stanford for the first time.
Beth (center), Fall 2011, Moscow Idaho.
Brian, October 2014, American Canyon. Twitter paintballin.
Mike and Sasha, June 2014, Marin Headlands.
Unknown people, Unknown date, Twin Peaks San Francisco.



Chandler Abraham
Adventure Fun Time

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