BETA Buddy: A new platform connecting Mountain Lovers Worldwide.

By Jack Lyons

“You’re off to great places, today is your day, our mountain is waiting, So get on your way!”

It’s been just over two months since I set out on my journey to Go Fu%$ing Do It.

The plan was to create a website that would earn me dollars as I wandered my way across the globe. However, little did I know that this somewhat selfish pursuit would actually lead towards a much more purposeful project. What I’ve realised is that while my initial goal was focused on money, my true vision in life has absolutely nothing to do with it at all. It’s the process that matters. And that led me to ask a critical life question:

Why do we chase money anyway? And more so, what kind of relationship do we truly have with it?

I can see the good and bad that can come from money and the constant struggle of not having enough of it. But really, is just having more the solution?

You could put me in the mountains any day and know I’ll be a happy man. And how much does that cost? Well… Basically nothing.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying we all have to be hippies and live off the dole, but I am clearly stating my desire to figure this whole game out so that I can enjoy my life. I hope one day I may be able to encourage others to do the same.

Yeah, yeah, enough of the hippie rant — tell me what is this project you’re up to is all about?

Ok, so I love the mountains and everybody who knows me knows that. I love being part of the global climbing community and have always wanted to contribute towards it’s development in some way. Now I feel as though I’ve found my answer.

Introducing BETA Buddy

I’m on a mission to develop an online platform capable of connecting mountain lovers all around the world by offering a unique opportunity to climb, hike, camp or simply bro out with the real locals who know their area best.

The reason why I want to do this is simply because my greatest vision in life is to connect with people who value the outdoors and share the same sense of adventure. Basically, this concept comes from a deep desire to spend my time doing the things I love.

Whether that’s climbing or simply connecting with climbers, I would love to solve my own problems and create something that I truly do want to see in the world. Plus I sometimes find tour groups tacky, boring, and not targeted exactly to my liking.

So I get WHY you want to build this, but tell me HOW it will work?

What this means is that whenever you are on the road you’ll be able to search for like-minded locals using a platform similar to that of Couch surfing or Airbnb.

However, what makes this platform unique is that the locals will be able to can share stories, provide real-time mountain & crag updates; connect globally to find a travel buddy as well as ask questions and provide feedback on all things ADVENTURE.

As a tourist you’ll get access to up to date mountain information from real people, 24 hours a day. You’ll be able to gain valuable local knowledge and insights into the best outdoor spots around town, important beta on the best crags and climbing routes, tips for the best places to grab a bite or a drink as well as the potential for accommodation, transportation and anything else on top.

I know from personal experience that most climbers deal with a ton of pain when it comes to a new expedition. And that’s exactly why I believe in this so much.

Now you can boast about your latest send, profile your newest project, share pictures, videos & documents all in the one place. Welcome to the future of real time crag chat.

Sounds AWESOME Jack! How can I help?

You can help me to build this platform by becoming a BETA user today. Head on over to and sign up today!

For now I just want to share the message and see if this idea truly does resonate with the climbing and mountain loving community. So if you know anyone who might be interested, please send them the link below and share the ♥.

I’m really grateful for this opportunity to work on my vision and I would love to hear back from you all! Any feedback, positive or negative is totally welcome.

You will be contributing towards the growth of an already awesome community of mountain lovers and help more people get outdoors and do what they love.

Plus if you sign up and follow me on Instagram you can WIN some awesome climbing goodies.

See you on the sharp end.
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