If You Were 7 Again…

If you were seven again…

… and you had the whole world planned out (like you know you did)
who would you be now?

(Superman is a perfectly valid answer)

I was either going to be a professional footballer, or a vampire hunting zen-wizard, probably more or a sorcerer actually, but hey ho.

So turns out booze and girls became way more important than football, and I’m still working on my wizardry, but my Zen’s coming along nicely.

The vampires?

Well, we see them in all forms:

Bankers, politicians, online "gurus" and false friends, all of who try and suck you dry the moment you drop your garlic. 

Certainly not worth hunting. 

There’s better things to hunt, like interesting people, exciting places and awesome photographs, new experiences, and forgotten knowledge and moments-shared.

7-year old me didn’t have all the answers, but he dared to dream.

How about you?

Are you still dreaming... or are you adventuring?

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