Data Bite: Little Love for National Giving

Data: The data from our first Giving Profile™ shows 68% of participants favored Global causes, followed by 25% focused on Local activities, and just 7% choosing to specifically support National efforts.

Insight: This preference for global philanthropy — at a rate of more than 2:1 — certainly speaks to the global demographic of the individuals who visited the profile, representing 36 countries.

But that’s only half the story since those completing the profile and residing outside the U.S. totaled only 20.9% overall, and yet the interest in global causes was 68%. This differential of participants living in the U.S., but favoring global causes, demonstrates a keen interest for U.S. residents in supporting international affairs.

Opportunity: As business becomes increasingly global, employees’ views on philanthropic engagement are keeping pace. This points to an opportunity for CSR teams to ensure that their outreach campaigns are viewed through a global lens and perhaps even set a 2:1 global giving strategy that reflects overall participant preferences.

Data Set: This data bite is an excerpt from our Enterprise Report, an 80-page analysis of our first Adventure Philanthropist cohort, 134 individuals who took the Giving Profile™ in July 2016.

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