Everything is relative

When I die, my body does not decay but transforms. As mass is energy and energy can neither be created or destroyed, it can only change. So I will change, from this form into another. I become energy. I become light. I become the atoms that make the stars, the dust that make the earth, or the matter that continues the cycle of this world.

So my body does not disappear, it transforms.

When I die, my time here on earth does not end but will culminated to a moment. A moment in time which is relative. In relation to me, that moment, where time stays still as my last breath leaves my body and all is peace as pain disappears, that very instant becomes infinite as my consciousness speeds through memories and thoughts from before and now. My time will expand and that moment will be forever.

So my time does not end, it becomes infinite.

When I die, my consciousness does not go quietly into the night but lives on. As we cannot pinpoint the exact location or essence of what our consciousness is despite it being in our brains within our bodies, I know that those parts of me transform. Logically, my consciousness, as it exists will also transform. Not something that is bound by a broken or sick body, not something restricted within a being, but into something like energy. Something that can transcend space and time. The world rushes through my consciousness and can also stop in order for me to look at the delicate face of a loved one wherever they are. Time passes with speed and can also pause to a moment where I can be beside people that I care about in moments of happiness or pain. I would try to make my presence known, once I know what I have become. If I am energy then perhaps it is possible. I can go forward or back, to relive the life I once knew, the many lives I may have had, and to see where time as it is relative to those living in “the now”. The future may not be within my grasp but who knows? Again, if I am some form of energy that is still not yet known, then perhaps it is possible.

My consciousness does not die, but becomes eternal.

All of me – my body, my life, my consciousness, will return to the very thing that created me. Into the energy that revolves around us, seen and unseen. Until the moment when I will transform once again and see the world in relation to new eyes.

I once truly feared death. It haunted me. In a way I still do fear it but not to the paralysing effect it once had on me. Now that I see it in a new light, I see the world differently. It is a reminder to live in relation to the moment that we have. That a minute can be an hour. An hour a day. A day a year. It is all relative. That mass changes form and I have, in many ways, a choice in what to become. I must not abuse the body, mind or the time that I have now. Because everything is relative. And right now, at this moment, I can see exactly what is important to me.