Last Week, Tonight.

It’s been a long week. Let’s recap.

Last Thursday evening I got on a plane. I was on my way to a weekend of planned chaos, followed by a week of anxiety, stress and a sore back, only to conclude with a house of butterflies and a the biggest smile ever to be worn by a 4 year old.

The Bachelor and the Beach.

Weeks leading up to last weekend, a friend and I had planned a bachelor party for the ages, on the sunny beaches of West Michigan. To sum it up, 13 grown men, a beach, a catch and an epic AFC Ann Arbor soccer match. Spending time with guys, some I haven’t seen since I left for Atlanta, was worth every minute of sleep I didn’t get and every inch of hair line I lost. #dadbod. I can’t wait to get back at the end of July for the wedding and to relive the fun.

The weekend ended with some much overdue fam time and a chance to catch up with grandma and grandpa. Those 2 are the best and still driving each other crazy. I’ll only be so lucky.

CivicX in NYC.

Monday was spent all day making final preparations for a long 3 days in NYC. After an almost 4 hour delayed flight I finally touched down in Manhattan and got to work on the biggest event for the Civic Accelerator all year; Demo Night. On Wednesday, almost 200 people squeezed into the Microsoft Technology Center in Times Square for what turned out to be an awesome event for our startups. I was super proud of our team and the entrepreneurs, but after months of planning and preparations I was definitely relieved it was over.

I’ve learned to enjoy New York, especially after all the work is over. A late dinner followed by another early morning and a late afternoon walk through the city before my flight really made all the week’s craziness feel good.

I got off MARTA Thursday night around 10:30, just in time to get to bed before a long Friday which started with a speaking engagement talking social media 101 to about 60 Kids in Need affiliates. Shout out and thank you to TechBridge for the invite. I had a blast, albeit drowsy and jet lagged.

h’s 4th Birthday Tea Party.

The craziness of the work week was capped off by prepping for the most important event of all, harper’s birthday, and our special guest — back to the airport to pick up — grandpa. Saturday morning 10 lovely ladies helped celebrate harper with a tea party they’ll surely be talking about for at least another day or 2. Honestly, so thankful harper has such a great group of friends. The girls and parents were all great. We all had fun and ate entirely way too much sugar, obvs.

Grandpa goes fishing.

Finally, grandpa had his moment to shine. Having come down for the tea party of course, but mostly to take harper on her first fishing trip. The fun didn’t stop on the river, we went to the butterfly house at the nature center and saw some of our old friends. Fear not, no animals (or bugs) were hurt on this Sunday.

Couldn’t think of a better way to end an incredibly exhausting week. I’ve been run through the gauntlet and come out victorious in the best way possible! Looking forward to the short week and the upcoming holiday weekend for more adventures and maybe even a little sleep.

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