Looking for An Edge in the Digital Age?

Here are 70 Browser-Based Tools Ready to Bookmark Today

Victor Iryniuk
Apr 14, 2016 · 5 min read

Remember the digital dark ages when you had to search for, download, install, register, set up and only then use the software you need? I don’t know how we ever pulled through that. Today, when we use multiple devices running different OS’s, only the web is the common denominator. So the online tools have you covered. Now they can do what was virtually impossible 10 or 20 years ago (up to running Windows inside your browser).

Without further ado, here’s the list of hand-picked online tools for every occasion and any task!





  • WolframAlpha — An answer engine for factual data.
  • SimilarSites — Find similar sites to the ones you like.
  • Woorank — Identify site issues and fix them.
  • ReviewSceptic — Spot fake reviews.
  • iwantmyname — Search available domains across all TLDs.
  • JustReachOut — Search for a topic and find journalists that cover it.
  • Pipl — People search.
  • Bubbl — Draw mind maps.
  • ProductChart — A chart for comparing electronic products and gadgets.
  • ManualsLib — A collection of user manuals for almost everything.






  • makeagif — Convert video or pictures into animated GIFs.
  • OnlineOCR — Convert images and PDFs to text.
  • Online-Convert — A comprehensive converter for documents, eBooks, pictures, audio, video and archives.
  • ConvertCase — Instantly change text to lower, UPPER or Title Case.
  • Yakitome — Convert text to speech and save as MP3.
  • Video2MP3 — Convert YouTube video to MP3 file.

File Sharing

  • FilePizza — Share files directly from your computer.
  • ZbigZ — Download torrents in browser.
  • PlusTransfer — Directly send files up to 5Gb.



  • Game-Oldies — Play retro games online.
  • Gaze — Watch the same videos simultaneously with other people online.

About the author — Victor Iryniuk works at NetHunt, a full-featured CRM system for Gmail. He likes sci-fi literature, instrumental music and exploring tech trends.

Image credit: Beautiful Flat Icons by Elegant Themes.

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No IT Dept: You're On Your Own

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Adventures in Consumer Technology

No IT Dept: You're On Your Own

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