A So-far-so-good Review of the Medium for Android Beta App.

Updates: reply to stories. Officially released on the Playstore.

Today I was granted access to the Medium for Android beta testing. Ive been playing with it for the past 30 minutes or so, on both my S4 and my Tab7, and all I have to say is so far so good.

Thought I’d kill two birds with one stone and write a quick review of the app from the app itself. 👍

Distraction free design.

I have to say, I love the design. I’ve always admired the simplicity of Medium website, and this app perfectly emulates that. It’s an elegant, distraction free reading and writing environment mashed with a subtle material design. Two of my favorite things. Here’s to hoping ads won’t be implemented with the official release.

Speedy performance.

For a beta app, this thing is surprisingly smooth and lightning fast, even on an older Android phone. Seriously, transitions have yet to be choppy.

User friendly.

In terms of usability, It’s pretty simple to navigate. Everything offered by the Medium website is accessible in the app. Your profile is accessible via a slide out menu. Compose a story or search from the top right of the screen. Swipe left and right to access home, top stories, and bookmarks. There is currently no dedicated area for publications/collections, though you can access them while browsing through stories. You can access and follow tags through the search.


I know, I know. It’s in its beta stages. But there are some things I’m emotionally missing while writing this story, like multiple text levels (you currently only get the H2 and paragraph levels, bold, italic formatting, and post tagging. But these are things that I expect to see in the official release. I’m also hoping for the ability to submit stories for review to collections directly from the app.

You’re unable to comment at the moment, but again, I’m sure this will be added in a later release. Also, the app doesn’t sync with the website, so unfortunately you can’t access drafts from the website.

The app does allow for auto saving of stories, which is a nice touch, but you can’t have multiple drafts. I was actually afraid to exit this screen, but in the name of testing I exited and I’m really glad it saved what I was writing. I’m really hoping device syncing is something they add in the future.

Edit: You can’t edit stories from the app yet. So try not to screw up!


Though I’m harping on the missing features, I’m sure they already have plans to add a them to future releases.

Overall, I’m really loving it. It feels like home. I’m looking forward to the official release. Kudos, Medium. So far so good.

Learn how join the beta test.

Already a tester? Let me know what do you think of Medium for Android.

Thanks for reading!

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