Cellphone Ergonomics Redesign — Enabling better selfies.

A phone that lets you take great selfies, 360-degree videos, clean panoramic photos and is amazing for video chatting and snapchatting.

Woodie Taking Selfie from Google images

The concept of uploading self-taken photos to the internet dates back to the year 2000. And soon after 2 years, the famous word, ‘selfie’ was introduced in a show aired in ABC. Recently this term has been taken by storm and it has become one of the most used and popular word.

Product designers and Industrial engineers have been brainstorming since then and have gone about producing products to take better selfies. There is selfie-stick which is being widely used to take large group selfies. There are websites and apps to help you take good selfies.

And of course, how can we forget the phones. In recent times, cellphone manufacturers are producing phones with front cameras just as good as back cameras, and accessories to enhance the selfie experience. Stores are marketing phones with the term ‘selfie’. And just today in India, Micromax came up with 3 phones in the series ‘Canvas selfie’. It boasts of a 13 Megapixel front camera and is priced at $260 which is not bad at all. And of course, there are other cellphones like ASUS Zenphone selfie, HTC eye .,etc.

Oppo N1 phone

But the most innovative phone out there is the Oppo NI priced at $879.99 released in October 2013 and has a swiveling camera which is really cool. It rotates 180 degrees in the Y-axis. The phone had some good reviews and feedback from the customers.

Giant tv in Mall

Recently at a Mall in Dallas, I happened to see a giant TV which was endlessly showing advertisements and the cool thing about it — it was rotating. This way, people in any plane in the 360 degrees could view the TV. Now, this got me thinking and I sketched out a concept design for a phone.

Sketch of concept design

I took reference from the technique involved in the swiveling phone and the giant rotating TV to come up with this phone concept. In this design, the head where the camera is placed can be rotated in the X-axis.

This phone has a camera on one side of the rotating head. The head can be rotated and the same high-resolution camera can be used to take both front and back photos.

This is the same function as the Oppo NI phone swiveling camera but after researching on that feature, I came to a conclusion that the extra part where the camera rotates on top is not very flattering. It is not necessary and also is considered as a glitch while taking a video.

Instead, having the feature of rotating the head in x-axis lets the user shoot 360-degree videos.

The 360-degree video concept is trending a lot with many videographers and YouTubers and so this feature is an added bonus.

Apart from letting the user take 360-degree videos, it also allows them to take panoramic view photos without having to turn the entire phone.

The phone acts as a tripod and the user will have to rotate the head to take clean panoramic photos.

And needless to say, this design helps the user take great selfies as the camera will have high resolution. It is also good for video chatting, snapchatting and opens whole wide options of things to do.

This feature also helps the user from accidently placing the finger on the camera lens. When researching about the Oppo NI camera head, the most common negative review was that due to the head being small, the users accidently placed their finger on the camera lens. But in the concept design, the head is wide. So, the user can use the corners to rotate the head and thus avoid placing the finger on the camera.

There could be some technical restrictions in terms of Industrial design to produce such a phone but if the Industrial designers and phone architects can figure it out, this design can be a new fun way to take great selfies and videos.

And since the birth of Google’s Project ara where the hardware components of the phone can be placed anywhere on the Canvas, this concept idea would be a nice feature to test with it.

Please let me know in the comments what you think of the design and recommend it if you liked the concept design. Thank You!

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