Day One and My Daughter

I’ve written about my journaling adventures plenty. I’ve even been known to spout my mouth off about [Day One](, the iOS and Mac app that I use for keeping the journal of my life. I simply love it. It has some features I’d like to see improved upon, specifically a “This Day In History” type look back for the particular day in the past, as well as a much better PDF exporting tool. That said, I use it and have even convinced my 9 year old daughter to give it a go.

At 9 years old it’s hard to believe my oldest daughter loves technology as much as she does. Most likely a partial influence on my part, but also the world around her. TV shows, movies, friends, and school, have brought topics such as blogging and YouTube channels to the forefront of her mind much earlier than I anticipated. So when she asked me for her own blog, I scoffed. When she asked for her own YouTube channel, I laughed out loud, well, it was more of a spitting laugh…whatever. I told her she was too young in both instances, and I truly feel it was the right call.

Being the young girl that she is, she refused to let it go. I held my ground, but told her that she could use an app that I used called Day One. She could use it on her iPad and iPod Touch, as well as on our MacBook Air, and write about her day. I explained that she could journal her life and experiences, add pictures, and in some cases use its publish feature to put it online, but only for friends to read. She agreed. She was excited.

For the past few months that’s exactly what she’s been doing. She’s been writing about things she does, places she goes, arguments she gets in…basically, kid stuff…life stuff. She adds pictures from her iPad and iPod to the entries, and publishes the important ones (to her) using Day One’s publishing feature, and then shares that link to her cousins and a few friends using iMessage.

It’s been very interesting to watch her do this. I can see her learning to enjoy the writing process, which I think is great for her educational development, but also her emotional development. Journaling is a satisfying way to reflect on the day, and I wish I had committed to it sooner. While we keep our journaling endeavors personal and separate, it has given us another thing to talk about and do together. It’s bonding in a different way than I ever thought we’d have. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I can’t thank the developers of Day One enough.

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