Foldable devices will replace computers

A vision for a Foldable future (with concept photos & use cases):

As I said in my previous article, Foldable Devices are The Future. But it will take some time, and as we’ve seen with Samsung’s new Galaxy Fold, not everything is perfect. Well, just like most of the Tech YouTubers and influencers, I’m optimistic too. Just give it a time and you’ll see better foldable devices in the future, that’s why I’m not buying the current Galaxy Fold.

So, what’s a computer?

Let’s take a look at few use cases for a Foldable Device and how it’s gonna change our routine, at list, how I envision (and want) it…

1.Good morning! When your device is folded, you can check notifications, news, and weather (One-handed use, just like a normal smartphone).

2. While waiting for your breakfast at your favorite coffee-shop, check your emails, organize your day, and write down your to-do list items.

3. Need more screen real estate or a larger keyboard? simply unfold your device, put it down on the table and get productive!

4. At work, simply cast / mirror your device’s screen to an external display monitor and Start working with or without keyboard and mouse.

5. It’s even better with HoverSense powered devices, and a way more productive because you don’t need a mouse and a keyboard!

6. Why? With HoverSense you get Hover Sensitivity, Tactile Feedback, and pressure sensitivity. In short, HS is the NextGen of Multitouch screen!

7. On your way home, use your device for navigation and music. Feel virtual buttons and nobs while driving without taking your eyes off the road.

8. At home, you can cast / mirror your device’s screen and do whatever you do at evenings. Browse the web, listen to music and watch movies.

9. Gaming like never before! With HoverSense powered Foldable Devices, gaming experience is more immersive (Folded & Unfolded).

10. A little bit more about HoverSense Multi-Hover Technology for Foldables, Touch devices, and Flexible computing devices.

In summary

As I wrote in my article series about how our mobile devices will replace our computers, — over the years it turned into a reality (at least for me and many people out there). Now, we can all agree that in terms of computing power and capabilities, our devices are already powerful and productive enough, almost like our laptops. And if that’s not enough, our data always goes with us and also backed-up to the cloud. Mobile devices are not cute little phones anymore, they are powerful computers even for professional creatives.

With Desktop Mode (such as Samsung DeX), we can work on our devices just like we are used to do with computers. In fact I can get most of my work done only with my Galaxy Note 9! DeX mode is an amazing feature that I’m utilizing for 3 years now, and I’m productive even when I’m not at home or at my office. Last year I ditched my MacBook Pro at home and managed to get my work done on business trips, even from my hotel room (DeX + TV).

Btw, Google is working on a similar feature for all devices that will receive Android Q. And Microsoft already introduced their Continuum (which I’ve talked about in my articles) and they also support Android connectivity. I hope that Apple will introduce something similar for iOS devices… Now with their project Marzipan, I won’t be surprised if iOS will replace macOS (just like in my article) and if Apple will ditch the Mac.

Full disclosure — HoverSense is a technology that I’m developing for Foldable and Touch devices. Learn more about HoverSense.

Please let me know what’s your opinion on Foldable devices, and the future of Computers. And don’t forget to share this article with your friends…

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Adventures in Consumer Technology

No IT Dept: You're On Your Own