iOS 9.3 Unbaked

I left my Bose SoundSport® in-ear headphones on board a recent flight home from an overseas business trip. I was bummed. They had a decent sound and pretty much stayed in place during my daily workouts. They ran me about $100 at the Bose Outlet Store on eastern L.I.

Bose SoundSports

When my #2 son returned home after a nine-month stint in Jakarta, he brought gifts including these plastic, Chinese-made QCY QY8 Bluetooth-enabled headphones, which he said cost him “around $20.” Business Insider gave them a test-run:

“Physically, the Qy8s aren’t much to write home about either. Like every other pair of these, they’re wholly made of plastic. The earbuds are large and oddly pear-shaped, and they come in an unexciting all-black finish. They look and feel like $13 headphones, in other words.
Get to where it counts, though, and the Qy8s are a pleasant surprise. For one, they’re supremely easy to pair to a device — just hold down the right earcup until it blinks blue and connect. It doesn’t take more than a few seconds, and the Qy8s remember what you’ve paired with in the past. Any Bluetooth-based blips I had were few and far between.”
Blue-tooth-enabled QY8s

Truth be told: they had a fuller sound than the Bose earpieces.

Unfortunately, upgrading to Apple’s new operating system on my iPhone 6, rendered them useless. One of the tech pundits I follow on Twitter strongly suggested downloading iOS 9.3 (and OS 10.11.4 for El Capitan on my MacBook Pro). I blindly took his advice, and am coming to regret that decision.

Yes, all new operating systems have their share of bugs, but iOS 9.3 seems to have arrived with more than the usual, as evidenced by the 45+ minutes I had to wait to speak by phone with an Apple techie. Rule of thumb with Apple: the longer the wait following an OS upgrade, the more problems that upgrade created for those who downloaded it. In this case, the techie said most of the problems evolve around screwed-up passwords.

For me, iOS 9.3 “bricked” my cheap, but fabulous-sounding and secure-fitting QY8 Bluetooth-enabled headphones. My iPhone 6 running iOS 9.3 simply couldn’t find the QY8s, let alone connect to it. After doing a network reset, to no avail, the Apple techie asked me reset all my settings, returning the iOS 6 to factory settings. Still, no luck.

I’m now waiting for over 60 minutes to speak with an Apple techie hoping to elevate the problem. Stay tuned on this one.

Day Two: Apple tech support explained that I had to Reset from iTunes, and not from the Cloud. And I needed to erase everything and bring the device back to factory settings. So I did, and voila, my Bluetooth recognized my QY8 earphones.

One problem: restoring my 150+ apps from my Cloud backup didn’t go as well. Nearly half didn’t render, requiring their removal completely and downloading them one at a time from the App Store anew. Mission accomplished.

All good? NO! The Bluetooth no longer recognizes my earphones. Back to hour-long+ waits to speak to Apple tech.

Sixty minutes into my wait for an Apple techie, I finally had a voice on the other end of the phone. Bottom line: return to factory settings and install — one-by-one the 100+ apps on my iPhone 6. She explained there is no easy solution, and admitted that it took her more the six hours when she had to resort to the same fix.

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