My Rant On Ads. Ads Can Be Awesome.

This picture has nothing to do with my content. Just an ad.

Ads are not to be hated. Ads are not meant to annoy us, interrupt us and bother us all the time. Inconsiderate marketers have ruined the notion of ads. We are doing ourselves a disservice by having a pre-conceived notion that all ads suck whenever we come across an ad on any platform. We do not give the add that we encounter the benefit of the doubt.

I started being very conscious of how I judge an ad on a new platform. I try my best to study it and see if it adds value to me in anyway. In doing so, I found out that Snapchat is amazing at advertising.

Ads can be helpful. If the people that run a platform value both users and monetization equally, they will be careful. Consumers of the platform *are* the product. The real users of a platform for the platform creator are the ad clients. Greater the level of attention we give to the ads on a specific platform, greater is the ability of a platform to monetize. Our attention is directly proportional to relevance and usefulness of the ads on a platform.