Searching for the best wearable

The word wearable is lately overused as the hype around the new buzzword starts to escalate. The reason why I want to write my thoughts started when I first saw a product that aligns with my vision of the future of wearable technology.

Before I get into the actual product, it’s more important to lay out why we need to wear something on our wrists in the first place. Since it’s clear now how integral the smartphone is to our lives, we need to be almost always on top of our game with notifications that matter. If you come think about it, notifications are the spine of our phones – a life changing call, a critically timed email, or a birthday reminder, are all channeled through our phones.

Knowing this, a device you wear on your wrist that will nudge you when a life changing event (or not) is about to happen, is compelling. On the other hand, the gesture of glancing at your wrist immediately signals a lack of interest. This is where the Misfit Ray fits snuggly in the sweet spot.

The built in vibrator says ‘You need to look at your phone’ without having to awkwardly check your wrist in a public setting. I personally find many scenarios where this can be useful besides the notifications. You can use it to control your music from a far, turn off your lights, and knowing I can use it with IFTTT – the possibilities and endless.

I pre-ordered it a few days ago and will come back for a better first hand review once I use it for a while. The point here is that I see the future of wearables as a more discreet, notifications centred device that you’d want to wear, while silently tracking your health and providing simple and useful functions.