Content Is Killing Me

This is how I feel whenever I try to decide on what to read, watch and listen. There is SO MUCH content out there. 😭😁

There’s Twitter. There are countless apps. There are newsletters, podcasts and videos. There’s Medium, of course. There’s so much to consume. There’s so less time. Having F😁MO does not help at all. ( 👈 was fear of missing out in case you didn't figure)

I have found myself saving ton of articles on Pocket from so many sources. Currently, I have over 600 articles that I have saved but have not gotten around reading despite my extensive daily reading. 📰📗📄📜

It is much simpler for me to reach inbox zero than to read pocket zero. That being said, I have never reached inbox zero. Again, information overload. 😩

And, being an active twitter user makes the struggle even worse. 😩 I unfollowed so many people to get a much curated experience. But, turns out, even 300 people can make my feed VERY noisy. And these are not my college friends that I follow. These are some of the most successful venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, politicians, CEO’s, media executives, journalists etc. 🔥

Now, while I want to read the content shared/produced/supported by these individuals, not everything that they talk about on social media aligns with my interests and aspirations. And even if it did, it’s virtually impossible for me to consume everything. 😁

So, this rules out social media as the best aggregator of the content I can realistically read on a daily basis to upgrade my knowledge and stay on top of things that matter to me. Moreover, for this reason, aggregators like Feedly do not work for me as well. I follow blogs of thirty people via Feedly. They blog A LOT.

The only service that has come closest to satisfying my need of getting HIGHLY curated content daily is Nuzzel. This is mainly for two reasons. Firstly, Nuzzel integrates with my Twitter where I follow only those that add value to my life and who I draw inspiration from and who, ideally, I would like to meet with or work with/for. 😎 Secondly, and more importantly, it shows me content that has been shared by multiple individuals I follow on twitter. And this is very crucial. Its more important than what you might think. Twitter’s news feed shows my content shared by people I follow individually. Newsletters show me content that has been written, hunted and shared by specific people. BUT, Nuzzel’s feed shows me content that has been shared by several people I follow on Twitter. So, this takes curation to the next level. I get content that has been filtered, read and shared by many people. And that has tremendous value.

I try to stick to reading only that content that I find on Nuzzel. I either read it there and then or save it to Pocket. But FOMO always kicks in. Which leads me go hunt for new content on Twitter.

I am still waiting for a perfect aggregator that gives me highly curated, very limited and extremely high quality content to me daily. Until then, Nuzzel is my best friend.

And, Twitter. Even Pocket. And also Medium. You see the issue now? Information overload.

Ignorance is sometimes a bliss. Having too much awareness and too many tools can work against you. 😅

PS — Nuzzel’s seamless integration with Twitter makes me wonder why it hasn’t been bought out yet by Twitter.

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