Why I Built Another To-Do List App

I’ve tried every to-do list in the app store. Most are well designed and easy to use. However, I always ended up reverting to pen and paper.

I set out to create the best to-do list for my daily routine. I felt that there was still a gap in the market and that others thought the same.

My idea was originally inspired by Marc Andreesen’s productivity tricks to write down my top 5 things to do each day. I began using this method to manage what I wanted to get done each day using my Moleskine. I made a few small changes to Andreesen’s strategy to better fit my personal habits and I began to notice a trend.

Many times, if I wrote a “to-do” down for Monday and I still needed to do it come Tuesday, I would leave that to-do and continue writing Tuesday’s “to-do’s” below it. However, some days I would use a completely new page in my moleskine and would re-write any existing “to-do’s” I had not accomplished. I quickly saw that when I rewrote a “to-do” on the next day instead of leaving it from the previous day, I was much more likely to accomplish it. The action of writing down a “to do”, even if it was a repeat from the day(s) before significantly increased the likelihood that I would actually accomplish it.

With this lesson learned, I realized what type of to-do list app would be the sweet spot for my routine. I wanted an app that allowed me to enter my “to-do’s” only for that day; at the end of each day, the “to do’s” would reset and I would be forced to re-input my “to do’s” the next day

I am very excited to launch 24 — your daily disappearing to-do list in the App Store!

Plan and manage what you want to do TODAY. No need to worry about the future. Be in the present and get more done today.
When the day ends, your list will RESET.

It’s a simple app that has helped solve a personal pain point. Each morning when I wake up, I open 24 and I input what I plan to accomplish today. It’s a great way to start my day and I hope you enjoy it as well!

Feel free to send me any feedback at ajbryk@gmail.com. I’d love to hear your thoughts as I continue to improve the app.

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