You still don’t understand today’s media industry

Introducing “The Four Winds of Modern Media,” your new playbook for a new era.

Anthony Bardaro
Sep 4, 2017 · 16 min read
The media industry’s Four Winds blow from each corner of the competitive landscape, bearing-down on stragglers stuck in no man’s land

1. Attention Merchants

In other words, if you’re going to call attention merchants a problem, don’t hate the players (media), hate the game (capitalism); and there’s only way to change game (regulation‬).

2. Medium Pivots

Given today’s abundant media, survivors start at extremes of some combination between supply/demand and scale/niche

“…journalism’s ‘middle ground’ has eroded as new products have appeared at either end of the market for news and information. At the low end, products and services like Metro and Twitter are serving consumers whose need is simply ‘Help me fill this 10 minutes right now’… At the other end of the spectrum, for the job of ‘[I have] four hours, and I want to be intellectually stimulated,’ sites like Longreads and tools like Instapaper and Pocket…” (Breaking News: Mastering the Art of Disruptive Innovation in Journalism)

‘Medium gives the world’s thought leaders a community where they can convene to enact progress — not only defining their causes, but also deploying solutions into the real world. Medium is the intersection of thought and action, helping the rubber-meet-the-road.’

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Whether you’re getting informed or informing others, don’t waste time or attention. Get straight to the point!

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Adventures in Consumer Technology

No IT Dept: You're On Your Own