Introducing Boid — The Social Supercomputer — Boosting Scientific Distributed Computing & Expanding Access to Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

There is a new player in the “distributed computing for good causes” scene. Boid, seeks to boost participation in volunteer computing efforts and make it easier for non-techie people to access the world of cryptocurrency and blockchains. With the launch of its public alpha on August 3rd, it already had hundreds of active users earning BOIDs for contributing to cancer research by the night of the 4th.

This video gives a great explanation of what Boid does. Check it out and let me know what you think! Or get started at:

As an advisor for Boid, I am excited about its potential to boost distributed scientific computing by making it simple for anyone to earn cryptocurrency for putting their devices to work on scientific research projects.

Look at the impact it is already having on the World Community Grid Mapping Cancer Markers Project:

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