Becoming a hero!

What would it be like to become a hero?

It is late in the night. Ted and Ronny are fast asleep.

Ronny dreams of going into a building on fire and then coming out unhurt, to win a gold medal.

On the other side, Ted dreams about how he shrinks and disappears into a building on fire. He too comes out unhurt and is praised by Tom.

Next morning, over a breakfast of delicious engine oil, Ted says, “Ronny I had such a beautiful dream last night. I dreamt that I go bravely in to a building on fire just like Tom. He said ‘Bravo’ to me!

Ronny says, “Interesting, I also had the same dream. When I came out the fireman was waiting outside with a medal in his hand and Tom stood next to him beaming. What a wonderful dream! Oh I almost forgot! Franky 98's brother too was there with the same stern face. He was holding a water hose pipe!

Ted says, “Really. I saw him too!How funny!”

Just then the fireman walks in.

“Ah Ted and Ronny good to see you awake. We have decided to send you both for some more training. You would be trained by none other than the super hero Tom! Get ready, we will be leaving in half an hour’s time.”

Ted and Ronny are thrilled.

It is finally time to leave. The fireman bids good bye and says, “Be good fire engines and come back to me in two months time. Happy Training!”

Ted and Ronny bid good bye and leave the fire station.


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