Inspiring Dreams and Visions of the Future, a Spaceship Temple, Organic Cities, Time Travelling, Visiting Other Worlds

The first amazing dream was in eternal place, a temple like spaceship traversing the universe at faster than light speed. I felt this was a ship on a mission to educate, improve, and make conscious and intelligent the whole universe. There were many books there. It was a place to grow spiritually.

In another vivid dream, I was visited by ascended being from the future, he brought me to the future. I saw a living flying city organism. It was creating other beings like itself. It created its own energy and did not harm anything throughout its thriving life.

Dream 3: I traveled through rooms that seemed to represent certain ages. As I passed to the next room a force took me on a ride like roller coaster through many ages. I stopped and was telecommunicated many concepts in an instant with a future being, I felt inspired and encouraged by it, I felt there was an exciting future to take place and I was to make it happen. It seemed almost featureless, yet taking what ever feature I imagined it to be.

In another amazing dream, I visited another dimension, world or something new. I walked along a beach where the water seemed to be novel form of matter. It was whatever you wished it to be, you could swim like a dolphin and there was no resistance in it, it flowed with you in your desired direction, you could warp through this water too, instantly travelling to any location you could imagine, it became what you imagined or took you there. It was like the mind of a god. A person shook my hand and instantly I learned everything about him and inherited his expertise and knowledge. There was a tropical hill in the distant shore and a city over the water.

In another dream, a portal opened up and pulled me in and gave me a roller coaster ride through time and space.

In another vivid dream, I saw the center of reality, it was understood as the projector of our apparent reality and projected reality with space-time forces carriers and wave/particle creators there was a decaying ball/device that was acting chaotically but I brought the new one and replaced like replacing a light “bulb”, thus bringing greater order to a lot of chaos in the world.

In another dream I saw chemicals reacting and dancing at a molecular level.

Originally published by me on an older blog, in 2014.

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