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Egyptian Beginnings

Photo of me | © E. Gerstein | 2012

Okay, so it didn’t actually begin with Egyptian symbolism, let me keep it real for the fans out here. The Eye of Horus was my second ever tattoo at around age seventeen from a spot in Northern New Jersey where I barely made it through the icey hot slicing, outlining, and shading that came with this (only twenty minute) addition.

Nonetheless, the picture to our left was taken by a talented photographer after our actual shoot, for funsies. Later that evening, he texted me a long essay-like message regaling me with streams of consciousness on all things Ancient Egyptian. The Goddess Isis, God Osiris and their peculiarly procreated progeny, Horus. At that particular moment, I was lightly obsessed with Egyptology — however, his text caused me to up the ante.

Not long after, serendipitously, a man stopped me on the streets of Manhattan while I was speed walking and chatting with my homie, KG. His approach was such that KG thought he and I had known each other for years; slick. He wanted to take a photo of me and keep it chuckin, to which KG and I looked askance at each other but inevitably, surrendered to the powers of random strangers causing a stir in you.

Three days later, he texted me the photos he’d taken and asked if they looked like anyone else I may be familiar with. Shocker, a trick question. The thing was, I’d been standing on the curb with the last of the suns ray just lighting me up with their sliver and most interestingly, I was standing at a profile. A pose I never make. I looked Egyptian as hell (more than usual). He and I spoke one and off for months, primarily about Ancient Egypt and the occult. My thangs. Our conversation led to another tattoo, naturally; Goddess Isis.

Photo © Vueltica | 2018