Adventure Tour Leader : Adventurous Career Option

Adventure tourism consists of exploring or travelling to such destinations, where the tour members must expect the unexpected. These days adventure tours are widely in demand as travel freaks are choosing adventure tours over the usual holiday destinations. An adventure tour leader is the person who has the expertise to lead the travellers for adventurous tour. These leaders can work as freelancers or they may even work with certain tour organizers. They have to lead tours which are for group or families. Adventure tour can be a tour in the air, sea or land. Adventurous tours on the land can be jungle safaris or something more enthralling. In the air relates to the skydiving activities which are conducted in the air.

Adventure Tour Leader : Adventurous Career Option

Adventurous tour in the sea are activities like scuba diving underwater. Many of the adventure tour also consists of thrilling activities such as hiking, trekking, river rafting, bungee jumping and many more. For such activities it is the responsibility of the tour leader to look after providing needed safety equipment, arranging meals, accommodations, and travelling. If you are willing to be an adventure tour leader then you must have multitasking skills, willingness to work in different conditions and ability to handle people. You should also be energetic throughout the day to conduct the activities.

Education, Job Description, Working Conditions & Future of Adventure Tour Leader

Educational Background For Adventure Tour Leader :

To become a tour leader, one should have completed diploma or any equivalent certification. You also need to have a passion for adventure and sports There are few employers who also offer on-the-job training to the candidates which are highly beneficial for their work. Usually, a candidate willing to become a tour leader needs to clear written exam which is based on the criteria set by the state. Many cities have made it mandatory to have a license for working as an adventure tour leader.

Job Description :

On adventurous tours, the leader needs to map out the routes and plan well activities for each day. While planning the activities for adventurous tours, you need to consider the climatic conditions, geography and wildlife of that particular area to accomplish a safe tour. The adventurous tour leader is also responsible for the lives of his tour members, so he should be well-trained for emergency situations and first aid. Appropriately an adventure tour leader earns $24,100 yearly.

Working Conditions :

Being an adventure tour leader, you will have to work in all types of weather conditions. Let it be a sunny day, heavy rainfall or snowfall they have to work as per the adventure tour location and its climate. No fixed working hours would be there in this profession. You need to be calm as you come across all kind of tour members.

Future & Scope In This Field :

One can earn name in this field by giving tour members the best adventure experience, so that they can come to you again and again. After gaining experience as a tour leader, one may get into the business starting their own tour agency. People love to travel and explore new places, so the need of adventure tour leader is increasing day by day.

So if you are a complete travel and adventure freak, then adventure tour leader is the perfect career option for you. You will rejoice your work and also help others to explore the nature and en-thrall the adventure along with you. This area of career is growing rapidly and creating plenty of jobs for the youth.