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I was having coffee with a good friend in the venture industry as we were talking about corporate innovation. Wondering what hindered real corporate innovation or large-scale change, I concluded that some large corporations have become incapable of discovering the unknown. It’s not only large corporations that have this “problem.” It can easily manifest itself in our own lives. After this talk with my friend, I tried to piece together what the cause is. Why aren’t we in general capable of discovering the unknown?

You need to look up and confirm




Adversus is my personal blog. It talks about my experiences as a venture capitalist in Southeast Asia. I am a partner at Golden Gate Ventures in Singapore. Golden Gate Ventures is an early-stage VC firm in Southeast Asia. Golden Gate Ventures invests in internet & mobile startups

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Michael H. Lints

Michael H. Lints

Partner at Golden Gate Ventures, husband, proud father of 2 and fanatic cyclist and runner. More about me @

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