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Finding Confidence in Insecurity

Am I worth it? Am I worth your attention? Should I even be here? Do you see me as your equal? I have always had this insecurity. Not fully understanding my self-worth. Afraid to lean into my passions. Now I can say I finally found confidence in my insecurity.

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Embracing my Journey

This month will mark my 46th birthday and my 25th year in the workforce. It feels weird…




Adversus is my personal blog. It talks about my experiences as a venture capitalist in Southeast Asia. I am a partner at Golden Gate Ventures in Singapore. Golden Gate Ventures is an early-stage VC firm in Southeast Asia. Golden Gate Ventures invests in internet & mobile startups

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Michael H. Lints

Michael H. Lints

Partner at Golden Gate Ventures, husband, proud father of 2 and fanatic cyclist and runner. More about me @

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